My Favorite National Parks

We nicknamed our last vacation out west the “national park” vacation, since we hit about a dozen or more national parks and/or monuments. The  list below includes some of those, plus others we’ve visited on other trips. If you’re looking for places with history and/or great scenery, don’t miss these wonders of the U.S.

1. Yellowstone National Park

This has to be my favorite park of all. I think I took over 100 pictures at Yellowstone alone when we were there.  From the bubbling lava pools, to Old Faithful, to all the wildlife you can see – elk, wolves, bison and bears – it’s a truly wonder of nature to behold!


2.Great Smoky Mountains National Park 

Trees, trees and more trees! Rolling hills and foggy mountaintops. If you’re  a lover of forests, this is the place for you!

English: Therefore the name. Low clouds over G...

English: Therefore the name. Low clouds over Great Smoky Mountains national Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










3. Arches National Park 

Talk about a contrast – Arches is all about rock – and what rocks these may be! Formations that look like 3 sisters, or a dog. Vivid colors and of course, incredible arches. Incredible natural wonders are here to view in Utah.

Arches National Park       

4. Mesa Verde National Park 

Tucked into the southwest corner of Colorado is Mesa Verde – the first national park consciously designed to preserve “the works of man” by President Theodore Roosevelt. Featuring the archeological remains of ancient Pueblo people, Mesa Verde is a truly fascinating place to visit.

Mesa Verde National Park  

5. Grand Teton National Park 

For sheer grandeur, you can’t beat the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. Beautiful snow-capped mountains, sparkling clear lakes. We went canoeing here, and it was just breathtaking. Don’t miss it!


6. Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park 

My children haven’t visited Hawai’i yet, but my hubby and I were here on our honeymoon some 20+ years ago. I still remember that acrid sulfur smell, as we walked among the barren trees and hardened grey lava.  I would love to go back and see what’s changed and evolved on the Big island.

Pāhoehoe Lava is entering Pacific at The Big I...

Pāhoehoe Lava is entering Pacific at The Big Island of Hawai,Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This list is bound to get longer this summer when we visit Glacier National Park in Montana,  Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks in California. I can’t wait!

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